Opportunities in Religious Communities

Opportunities in Religious Communities

Below is a list of opportunities to either explore the religious life or to explore other vocations through a period of living in a community:

Holywell, Church in Wales

The Holywell Community is a New Monastic Community in Abergavenny living by the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict, almost 500 years after the original monks left St Mary’s Priory. Holywell welcomes those exploring vocation (to religious life or ministry) and has had several young people living in the community over the past couple of years (from both England and Wales).

Other than the Work of God (prayer is said 4 times a day) we undertake two other types of work; our work to earn our keep and our work to share the Gospel.

We are recruiting for young people to join us in Community from Mid-August 2017 .

If you are wondering what to do after you leave University or College this Summer, are passionate about Jesus and looking to give a year to God or test your vocation to the Ordained or Religious life. We may be what you are looking for.

If you are interested in joining the Community why not give our Prior, Canon Mark Soady a call on 07968 753978 to chat about it or email: vicar@stmarys-priory.org

Marygate House, Lindisfarne

Marygate House is a modest retreat house located on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast. We provide a ministry of welcome to individuals and groups here on the island. People come for religious, cultural and educational reasons. We rely on donations from guests having no other source of funding and on the help of volunteers.

We supply food and accommodation to our volunteers in return for help/work of a domestic nature. People come for a few weeks up to a year, but mostly about three months. Very often people are at a crossroads in their life, or discerning a possible vocation. For some people this is the ideal place to come to discern. Here they have to engage a service of welcome, they can take part in the cycle of morning and evening prayer in the Parish Church, but most importantly have time to think, study and pray without the normal pressures of earning a living etc. Respite from the world to serve God’s people, pray, study and discern.

Over the years we have had many people here as part of the team considering their call to Anglican orders and we would welcome more when we have space.

We take up to four volunteers at a time.

Contact: Don Quilty 01289 389246, Marygate.house@gmail.com