Dear All,
At the end of last week the Diocese confirmed to me that the Deanery had met its target on the Parish Share by the end of June which is now over 50% and I thought I ought to let you know this good news. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in the Deanery for their efforts and hard work that made this possible.
It just means now that we need to find another 49% in the next 5 months.
Well done everyone and keep up the good work.

With Kind Regards

David Eaton
Deanery Treasurer

Meetings 2017

6th November, 19:30 Treasurers’ social St. Mary the Virgin, Witney

Parish Share





Treasurers’ evening 19Apr16


We are trying to make fuller use of this potentially valuable resource but to do this we need your help to provide the relevant input to the financial section. Please email me or the Deanery administrator, Mandy Studley ( ) with the following:
  1. Please provide details of any Stewardship work you have undertaken and the results obtained
  2. Please provide details of any fundraising work undertaken
Many thanks and love, peace and prayers in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Sue Campbell
(Deanery Treasurer)

The Parish Share