Deanery Synod

16th October 2019, Turner Hall, North Leigh

At this meeting The Rev’d Toby Wright was able to say his thank you and goodbye as his term as Area Dean comes to an end. He will be capably followed by The Reverend Dr. Tess Kuin Lawton.

WITNEY DEANERY SYNOD Meeting notes 16Oct19

Ride and Stride 2019_synod_

Oct Synod Agenda 19.10.16

Synod invite for 19.10.16

12th June, St. Mary’s Cogges

Synod invite for 19.06.12

Synod Agenda 19.06.12

Personal Discipleship plans

At this meeting Kirsty Morgan was voted in as the Deanery Lay chair, she was the sole candidate.  Kirsty was nominated by Sue Campbell and seconded by Helen Meryick. No abstentions and none who voted against.

13th February  St. Mary the Virgin, Witney

Synod invite for 19.02.13

Synod Agenda 19.02.13

Planning Tool Principles

Deanery Synod – 16th October – St. Mary the Virgin, Witney

Synod Agenda 18.10.16

Synod invite for 18.10.16

Bible Study_Oct18

Sign in sheet

Witney Deanery Synod – St. Mary’s Cogges – 19th June 2018

Synod Agenda_19Jun18

Sign in sheet


Deanery Finance Report Jun18

Witney Deanery Accs 31Mar18

Witney Deanery31Mar18

Witney Deanery Synod – Holy Trinity – 27th Nov 2017

Synod Agenda 27.11.27


Witney Deanery Synod – Burford – 14 June 2017

Synod notes_14Jun17

Synod 17.06.14 Bible Study

Synod Agenda 17.06.14

Witney Deanery accounts 01Apr16 – 31Mar17

Witney Deanery Synod – St. John the Evangelist – 8th February 2017

It is the end of term for the current Deanery Synod and we would like to thank everyone who has stood during this term.  Elections will take place at your APCM – if you are choosing not to stand again, please do encourage people to come forward.

The first meeting of the next term will be 14th June in Burford.

Synod Notes_08Feb2017.docx

Bible Study_08Feb17

Meeting Agenda 08Feb17

Setting God’s People Free

Theos Report_Doing Good

Witney Deanery Synod – St Mary’s, Bampton – 10th October 2016









Witney Deanery Synod – 25th May 2016

Synod Notes 25May16

Finance Report for Synod on May 25th 2016 v2

Witney_Deanery_Final_Accounts2_2014- March 2016

Synod Bible Study 05.16

Charles Baker Synod paper ODS 16.03

Witney Deanery Synod – 27th January 2016, Carterton –Synod Notes 27Jan16

Witney Deanery Synod, 19th October  – Synod Notes_19Oct2015

MAP documents

MAP Record

Word – Mission Action Plan SUMMARY

Diocesan Synod election results

House of Clergy:

TC Wright

ACM Tweedy

House of Laity:

BM Eaton

RJ Vander Elst

KJ Rillie