Deanery Synod Papers

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12th June, St. Mary’s Cogges

Synod invite for 19.06.12

Synod Agenda 19.06.12

Personal Discipleship plans

At this meeting Kirsty Morgan was voted in as the Deanery Lay chair, she was the sole candidate.  Kirsty was nominated by Sue Campbell and seconded by Helen Meryick. No abstentions and none who voted against.

Past meetings

Synod invite for 19.02.13

Synod Agenda 19.02.13

Planning Tool Principles

Deanery synod notes_16Oct18


Deanery Finance Report Jun18

Synod notes_14Jun17

Synod Notes_08Feb2017


Synod Notes 25May16

Synod Notes 27Jan16

Synod Notes_19Oct2015

Synod Minutes 04Jun15

Synod Notes 16Feb2015

Synod minutes Nov 2014

Synod Minutes 25Jun14

2013 WD Synod Minutes-14 November Final